26pcs Saw Blades for Oscillating Multitool

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Item  Quantity (pcs)
35mm Fine Tooth FA35F 10
35mm Bi-Metal FA35B 3
35mm Japan Coarse Tooth FA35J 3
44mm Bi-Metal FA44B 2
44mm Fine Tooth Long FA44L 2
65mm Fine Tooth FA65F 2
65mm Japan Coarse Tooth FA65J 2
90mm Fine Tooth FA90F 2


Fine Tooth Blades (F) - best for cutting: wood, plastic, drywall, fiberglass, acrylics (Plexiglas), laminates. This fine tooth blade is excellent for clean wood
cutting applications in hard woods. You will use this blade for cutting: soft woods, plastics, sheetrock, fiberglass and other non metallic materials.
Japan Coarse Tooth (J) - best for cutting: wood, wood laminates, softer plastics, drywall, fiberglass. This blade has a precision ground double-row of bevelled
teeth which allow for aggressive plunge cutting into wood, sheetrock and soft plastics.
Bi-Metal (B) - best for cutting: wood, metal, nails, plastic, drywall, fiberglass, acrylics (Plexiglas), laminates. Use this HSS blade if you're cutting wood with
embedded nails, this blade will get you all the way through. The HSS end-cut saw blade is great for use as a demolition cutter. Not Suitable for high strength
steel (Screws, Bolts etc).

Package Included:
26 X Saw Blades

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