5pcs Oscillating Multitool Saw Blade Set fits

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Material: Crabide & Diamond
Color: Silver/Gold
Semi-Circular Saw Blade Gold 64mm
Semi-Circular Saw Blade Silver 64mm
Full-Circular Saw Blade 80mm
Delta Oscillating Saw Blade 79x64mm
Diamond-Edged Oscillating Saw Blade 59x75mm
Fit for: Universal
Application: To cut cement, ceramic tile, stone and other hard material, polishing cement
Package Included:
1pc Semi-Circular Diamond Saw Blade
1pc Diamond-Edged Carbide Oscillating Saw Blade
1pc Delta Carbide Oscillating Saw Blade
1pc Semi-Circular Diamond Oscillating Saw Blade
1pc Diamond-Full-Circular Oscillating Saw Blade

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