Drillpro 10pcs Double End Twist Drill Bit Set 3.2/4.2/5.0mm 2 Flutes HSS Straight Shank Twist Drill

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Material: 6542 high-speed steel
Type: Double Twist Drill
Suitable For: luminum, wood, malleable and deep hole drilling positioning holes iron.

Shank Diameter Total length Quantity
3.2mm 46mm 10pcs
4.2mm 53mm 10pcs
5mm 55mm 10pcs


- Durable,High precision, sharp.
- 6542 Twist using hard sharp high-speed steel HSS broken through the million degrees hot fire in the automatic CNC grinding machine grinding together.
- It can be used for industrial drilling stainless steel, spring steel pond, high carbon steel, aluminum metal all kinds of high-hard steel strength metal.
- This is the whole ground drill bit better than the same type of rolling twist.

Package Included:
1 box x twist drill (10pcs of the same size) 


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