Drillpro 5pcs 4-8/5-9/5-10/6-10/8-12mm HSS Twist Step Drill Bit Window Shift Pocket Hole Drill Bits

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Material:High Speed Steel
Quantity: 5pcs  

Model Shank diameter Overall length Big blade Small blade Small blade length
4-8 8mm 117mm 8mm 4mm 18mm
5-9 9mm 125mm 9mm 5mm 18mm
5-10 10mm 133mm 10mm 5mm 18mm
6-10 10mm 133mm 10mm  6mm 18mm
8-12 12mm 151mm 12mm 8mm 19mm


- High speed steel, hard and sharp.
- Can open two holes at a time, easy to work.
- Polished surface finish, good finish.
- Removed Chip fast, drilling hole fast .
- Drilling steady, high efficiency, hole wall is smooth and chip evacuation unobstructed.
- Dedicated to open the sliding door frame hole, for door frame processing, sliding door
mullion processing, iron products, aluminum alloy, wood, light alloy processing.

Package Included:
5 x step drill bit


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