Drillpro DB-T2 13pcs 1.5-6.5mm HSS Titanium Coated 1/4 Inch Hex Shank Twist Drill Bit Set

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This set of durable 13 piece titanium nitride coated drill bits lasts six times longer than standard drill bits.
Titanium nitride coating facilitates faster penetration with less effort.
The 1/4" hex shank is specially designed for cordless screwdrivers, enabling you to quickly change drill bits.
Material: HSS / High Speed Steel
Surface Treatment: Titanium Coated.
shank size: 1/4" hex shanks
Dia Details: 1.5-6.5mm Twist Drill Bit
1.5mm/ 0.06"
2.0mm/ 0.08"
2.5mm/ 0.10"
3.0mm/ 0.12"
3.2mm/ 0.13"
3.5mm/ 0.14"
4.0mm/ 0.16"
4.5mm/ 0.18"
4.8mm/ 0.19"
5.0mm/ 0.20"
5.5mm/ 0.22"
6.0mm/ 0.24"
6.5mm/ 0.26"
Function: used on steel, wood, plastic etc
Quantity: 13pcs
Suitable for use with steel, wood, plastic etc.
Titanium coated drill bits.
Longer life and durability.
It can be used with cordless screwdrivers.
1/4" hex shanks for fast drill bit changes.
Package Included:
1x Set (13pcs) HSS Drill Bit

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